Interview with Vineeth T Kurup aka Manglish World

Jacob: Hey Vineeth, How are you doing?

Vineeth: Hi, Jacob. I am doing good. How about you?

Jacob: I am too doing well

.Vineeth: Good

Jacob: You are from Mechanical Engineering background. And now you are an English trainer. How did you come to this field?

Vineeth: I had no interest in the English language when I was a kid, even though I studied in an English-medium school.But, after four years of engineering and 23 backlogs, I understood that while I may pass the exam, I need to be fluent in English to find a job.

Jacob: How did you teach yourself English?

Vineeth: I could read and write like an average student with English as one of my subjects in school, I am not a fluent speaker of the language. I am not good at conversing in English and that dropped my confidence level. No one in my  family or friends could speak English so that I could find them as help. I finally realised that only I can help himself in language learning. I started with watching English movies without subtitles. Though it seemed difficult to understand the dialogues initially due to the differences in pronounciation, I kept watching them repeatedly and this improved my listening skills.

“Even though I had improved my listening skills, I was still bad at speaking English”

As I didn’t have anyone to communicate with in English, I started repeating the dialogues of the English movies to myself. With this practice, I not only improve his pronunciation but also enhanced my vocabulary.

Jacob: Though Vineeth was a mechanical engineering student, you was never interested to take up engineering as his profession

Vineeth: my wait for a job of my liking took me to an English Academy where he joined as a marketing executive in 2016. He attended the interview at Pathanamthitta district and started as a marketing executive. Eventually, in the same workplace, I emerged as an IELTS trainer without even having IELTS qualification. Later went on to clear my IELTS exam. “I trained students without having an IELTS qualification. And now, I have passed the exam, too,” he says with pride. 

Jacob: How did you choose TikTok as a platform to teach English? Vineeth: During my days as a tutor at the academy, one of my students suggested that I should do and upload a tiktok video. As I am is not into singing or dancing or any other art, I decided to upload a short video in which he gave English meanings to a few famous Malayalam words. 

“The Mollywood film dialogue I used was “pillecha savathil kuttharud”, which means, “Do not add insult to injury”., he recollects.

Within one day, the video went viral giving me over one lakh followers and one lakh likes. This encouraged me to start uploading short videos on TikTok about how to learn English easily. This increased the number of my followers. 

Jacob: How was your journey from TikTok to YouTube. After banning TikTok in India,

Vineeeth: What is not possible in this digital world? If you just have the wish to accomplish something, the world looks at you in just a few clicks. One of my TikTok followers requested me to start a YouTube channel. Upon this request, I started Manglish World, a YouTube channel where I teaches the basics of English to my subscribers. With the following TikTok gave me, within no time, I gained 1.8 LAKH subscribers on YouTube.  

Jacob: What about your online academy?

Vineeth: The Covid-19 lockdown has locked everything and everyone with no work and income. But for people who create light out of darkness, this too became an opportunity. I also can be seen designing my own doors to future out of this lockdown misery. As I had good number of social media followers, I decided to start an online academy. Requests also came pouring from many people to begin online classes. So, having been sure about people signing up for my classes, I launched an online academy, Manglish World under VINFOTRAIN Private Limited on 25th May 2020. I made three courses available at Manglish World Academy – Spoken English, OET classes for health care professionals, and IELTS classes.  There are students ranging from 15 years to 50 years of age including school students, college graduates as well as government officers. The online classes are available six days in a week with 1-2.5 hours of training everyday. Manglish World Academy trains students from across the nation as well as students outside India. Along with students from the Indian states of Jammu&Kashmir and Tamil Nadu, Indians living in UAE, Oman, Baharin, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, The UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and South Korea also enrolled for the online classes. 

Jacob: What is your message to others?

Vineeth: When you lack in something that you badly need to establish your life on, you will surely go on to acquire it. Be it money, be it a skill, be it a relationship – anything. And once you have faced so much in the process of acquiring it, you feel empathetic for those who you come across undergoing the same turmoil. You feel like making it easier for them with the lessons you learnt throughout your journey.

Jacob: So, it was quite an interesting interview to know about how you started your Online Academy. 

Vineeth: I love to share my knowledge of English Language. And, I’ve helped some other fellow Trainers to become better at this skill.

Jacob: That’s good.

Vineeth: Yes.

Jacob: Okay, Vineeth, thank you for taking out some time to help me know about you and your journey.

Vineeth: It’s good to have a conversation with you.

Jacob: Okay. Bye.

Vineeth: Bye.

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